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Let's bring the National Fitness Campaign to East Troy!

Do you want East Troy, Wisconsin to get a whole lot healthier?

Help us to designate Booth Lake Memorial Park as a National Fitness Campaign site, bringing with it a state-of-art outdoor fitness court that's free and accessible to everyone.


Get ready to break a sweat and have some fun with your community!

The National Fitness Campaign's Mission

At our organization, we are dedicated to building healthy communities across America. We partner with municipalities, schools, and sponsors to plan, design, fund, and activate these communities and schools of the future. Our ambitious goal is to fund 5,000 free outdoor Fitness Courts® within a 10-minute bike ride of every American by 2030. Join us in creating a healthier future for all.


Every Fitness Court® is a Work of Art

Building an outdoor gallery of art

Each Fitness Court® is a unique work of art. We are working to build a world class gallery of public art across the country.

fitness court as art.png
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