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Frequently Asked Questions  (For prices, please click here.)

Park Hours

Q             What are the Park's winter hours?

A            The Park will be open for skating, December 23rd - January 2nd, from Noon - 7 PM, weather permitting.  For the remainder of the season, the rinks will be open Fridays from 3 - 7 PM and Saturdays from Noon - 7 PM.  Parking is in the upper lot.

Q            What are the summer hours?   

A             Normally, the Park is open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM, from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day.  The Park may close when the lower parking lot is full.   There is no parking allowed on either side of Townline Road, at any time. The water will be cleared by the lifeguards during inclement weather – thunder & lightning.   From time to time, the lifeguards may also clear the water for safety reasons.

Q             It was so hot last September.  If it’s hot this September, will you stay open longer?         

A             NEW IN 2023!!  While our staffing budget is based on the Memorial to Labor Day calendar and we release our staff after Labor Day, we will allow SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK outside of posted hours.  This new policy will be dependent on the courtesy of Park guests. 


Q             Can I rent ice skates?

A             Not this season (2022-2023).  Stay tuned for possible changes in the future!

Q             How can I rent a Pavilion?

A             You must be a resident or business entity of one of the three municipalities (Town of East Troy, Town of Troy, and Village of East Troy) that govern the Park.  If you are not a resident of one of those communities, you may be sponsored by a resident, who must be present during the event and will be held liable for any damages or issues.


Q             What are the costs to rent a Pavilion?

A             The Upper Pavilions are $200/weekend day ($100/weekday).

               The Lower Pavilion is $125/weekend day ($50/weekday). 


Q             How many people can I invite to my event?

A             The Upper Pavilion allows for 168 people; the Lower Pavilion holds 50.  The VFW  Pavilion holds 12 picnic tables.



Q             Where should my guests park?

A             Ice Rink parking is in the upper lot.  The upper parking is available for Upper guests only.  Guests in the Lower Pavilion are limited to 10 spaces in the parking lot across the street from the Boat Launch.  There is no parking on either side of the street at any time.  Violators will be ticketed and risk being towed.


Q        The lower lot is full but there is parking spots open on the upper lot.  Why can’t I park there?

A        The upper lot is reserved for the guests of the reserved Pavilions.  Only guests of the reservation holders may park in the upper lot.  Violators will be ticketed and risk losing Park privileges.


Concessions and Rentals

Q             How many wristbands can I get?

A             Each household member can buy a wristband at $20.00 per season.    Each bearer of the band must be a resident of the  household.  Bands must be worn at all times while on Park grounds.  Bands cost $20.00 to replace, for any reason.

Q             Do you accept Credit and/or Debit Cards?

A             We do accept any Debit or Credit cards for payment of all Park fees; we will ask for and hold your credit card when you rent any other equipment.


Q             What do you sell at your Concessions area?

A             We offer an assortment of Ice Cream, Candy, Pizza, Nachos with Cheese, Popcorn, Pretzels with Cheese, Slushies, Ice, Water and Soda.


Q             I see Kayaks on the grounds.  Can I use one?

A             We have a rack across from the Concessions area with rental Kayaks.  We also rent row boats and a paddle boat. We provide the paddles and life vests. We also have kayaks that are owned by residents; they are stored between the Beach and Boat Launch and are private property. They are not for rent.

Q             What is the cost to rent a boat?  How long do I get it for?  What are the requirements?

A             You must be 18 or older to rent a boat or be accompanied by an adult.  We require a credit card for deposit and a valid driver’s license.   You can rent a Kayak for $10 for 2 hours or $20 for 4 hours.

Pets and Piers

Q             Is the Park pet friendly?

A             Due to liability and the safety of all Park guests, Lola is the only pet allowed at Booth Lake Memorial Park.  As a member of the Park Supervisor's family, her job is to keep the birds and squirrels in the trees and off the grounds.   Please keep your pet at home whenever you come to enjoy the Park.  ESAs are not protected in public spaces; Service animals are protected in public spaces.  BLMP is a public space.  

Q             Can I fish off the piers?

A             Yes, you can fish off the piers on each side the Beach, however, the boats on the piers are private property.  Please stay off of the boats.  There is no diving or pushing off the piers.  The pier behind the Pavilions is private property, including the pier.  Please do not trespass beyond the bathrooms. 

Please leave the Park in the same condition that you found it.


The staff are there for your safety and the enjoyment of everyone who visits the Park; please respect their requests!


Thank you for your interest in Booth Lake Memorial Park!

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