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About Us

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Booth Lake Memorial Park is not just a beach.


Booth Lake Memorial Park is an East Troy destination...  a place to gather with family and friends to celebrate an occasion in one or all of the rental pavilions,  a place to teach your child(ren) how to fish, to swim, to dive, to climb the "Tank", to pause and reflect on a soldiers' sacrifice for our Freedom and Democracy.


It is a place where sunsets are breathtaking, where a Great Blue Heron glides across the shimmering lake, and the sound of children laughing reminds you of your carefree days.

At BLMP, we want to ensure your day is as carefree and safe as possible.


To that end, we have certified lifeguards watching over you and yours whenever the beach is open.  (Swim at your own risk will be clearly posted, if necessary, due to scheduling.)


We require anyone under the age of 10 to pass a swim test before allowing them beyond the safe zone. 


We do not allow glass on our beach.

For the safety and comfort of our guests, Lola is the only dog allowed at Booth Lake!  (a privilege of the caretakers)  In other words, NO PETS!

BMLP fishing at sunset.jpg
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