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Booth Lake Memorial Park is jointly owned by the Village and Town of East Troy, and the Town of Troy. This came about on August 14, 1922, with the object that it " used as a site for a building and other memorial in honor of the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, residents of the Towns who served in the late War against Germany”.  It was officially dedicated as a Memorial Park on August 15, 1922.

Use of Booth Lake Memorial Park is limited to the residents of the three communities, as is set forth in Ordinance 2008-1 of each Municipality.


Rental of the VFW, Upper & Lower Pavilions is done through a lottery system. On the 3rd Wednesday in February of each year, the Park Board holds a lottery in which the residents of the three municipalities can reserve, for a set fee, either the VFW (Open), Upper or Lower Pavilion to use for family or business picnics, social functions, weddings, etc...

The Park is open to the residents of the three municipalities throughout the year, with concessions and lifeguards from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The hours of guarded swimming and concession operations are 9 A.M. until 9 P.M.  (Effective 9/5/2023, swim at your own risk is allowed during the week; concessions and guards will be on duty from 11-5 on Saturdays and Sundays.)

There is a daily or seasonal fee to enter the Park, and is subject to change by the Park Board.  Additionally, there’s a chargeable boat launch site & boat slip rentals.


The Parks' operation is governed by the Booth Lake Memorial Park Board.

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